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Cutting And Stamping Solutions

Painting is a special process , which required special attention for which we have a team of peoples who look after day to day production.

There are three primary coating technologies powder coating, electro coating and liquid painting (spray painting). Powder coating and electro coating offer the qualities of excellent performance and durability.

In this millennium of competition, faster production & lower rejection rate without compromising quality is the essence of any successful industry. To achieve speed and accuracy with superior quality, human errors have to be minimised.

  • [1] Pre-Treatment
  • [2] Spray Painting


    POWDER COATING is the newest & most effective way to giveExcellent finish & corrosion protection to all types of ferrous metal surface. The Electro-Static Powder Paint Technique is the gift from western countries. This technique is more then 35 years old. In the western countries more than 90% of the conventional painting has been changed to the Powder Coating technique. In India also, this trend has caught up with industrialists as also with people for excellent, long lasting finish & corrosion protection.

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