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Stamping & Cutting Facilities

Cutting Solutions

Shearing  & Plasma Cutting

We have 6 Nos. of shearing machines having shearing capacity up to 16mm Thickness/ Bed Size and individual Capacity of the machines are as follows:

  • 5Nos Conventional Shearing Machine up to 3200mm –
    •   M.S Material 0.5- 16mm
  • CNC Shearing Machine make – Hindustan Hydraulics – Capacity width 3200mm
    •   i) S.S Material 0.5 – 4mm
    •   ii) M.S Material 0.5- 8mm

CNC Plasma and Oxy Cutting

1)Bed Size   -4.5 Mtr x18 Mtr

2)Capacity  PLASMA

   i)S.S Material 3-12mm

   ii)M.S Material 3-16mm

3)Capacity Oxy-Cut

  i) 3-300mm thick slab


Hydraulic Press

Our Unit is equipped with 9 Nos. of Hydraulic Presses. Capacity and speciality of the machine giving below:

  • 1)Hydraulic Press (With Cushion) 3Mtrx1.5Mtr Bed Size 1000 Ton
  • 2)Hydraulic Press (With Cushion) 500 Ton
  • 3)Hydraulic Press 400 Ton
  • 4)Hydraulic Press 250 Ton
  • 5)Hydraulic Press (DoubleAction) 100 Ton

Press Brake & Rolling Machine

  • We have 4 Nos. of Press Brakes, details of the Press Brakes are as follows:
    • 3 Nos Conventional Press Brake Machine Up to 3Mtr Length
    • CNC Press Brake –Capacity Up to 4Mtr Length




Rolling Machine

Make : GM ICON 
Capacity : 40 mm thick and 2.5 m width

Power Press:

28 Nos. of Power Presses are in operation in our Unit. Capacity of Machines varying from 50 Tons to 400 Tons, details of which are as follow:

50 Nos Power Press Machine –

Range from 2Ton – 800Ton

1)Power Press (With Air Cushion)400 Ton

2)Power Press (Penumatic With Air Cushion)350 Ton

3)Mechanical Power Press 250 Ton

4)Mechanical Power Press 200 Ton

5)Mechanical Power Press 150 Ton

6)Mechanical Power Press 100 Ton.

7)Mechanical Power Press 50 Ton

8)Power Press (Penumatic With Air Cushion)250 Ton

Nibbling Machine: (Only for development item)

Make : Amada Pega 357 No. of stations : 44 No. of auto indexes : 2 Controller : Fanuc Punching Force : 30 Tons

Metalix-Single User CAD/CAM with True Shape

Automatic Nesting

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